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Outsider – Michael Echeruo

Posted: September 30, 2011 in NIGERIAN POETRY

I came across this beautiful poem by Michael Echeruo and I’ve decided to share it here so everyone can see and appreciate it. I won’t do a review of it…maybe not now so I hope everyone who sees it can truly get into the spirit of the poem and come with a fitting understanding from their own corner. Happy reading : )

Between the oyster-beach and the greens…
Sea and barren coast.
Between tresses of dark silver and reels of danger…
lonesome bird of the wilds!
I spat on the world from between my gums,
Shouted at the moon from between my lungs,
Hooted at the chirrupy mermaid of the dusk…
clever lad of goddam tribe!
Then came the winds, flushing hearts,
The rains came, drenching all their mirth,
Came thunder scattering all irrelevance..
happy child of the new testament!
There were tears, then, when I was born,
There were aches, too, when I was born
Tears to drop, and hearts to ache,
No brains to pry, no minds to try
Where, when I was born.
So take, take me away!
Send, send me away!
Let the gold I loved which never was
Delude its glory-minded prodigy.
Send, O send me away!