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Resonance, Beauty

Posted: August 1, 2012 in GHANAIAN POETRY
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This poem, untitled, yet beautiful in all its meaning, was submitted by one reader of my blog, Collins Boakye. I have mulled the content and found it saying a story deeper in resonance than the lines suggest on surface. It has an ellement of antiquity to it and speaks both across time, across to a deity and down to the generations. I absolutely love every bit of it and in due time, I will attempt a review of it. Happy reading.

When sorrow becomes the banner of life
It is you we come to
When tears run through our body and blood comes through our eyes
It is you we come to
When hope sleeps
We have no one to see than despair
It is you we come to
When misery visits your sons and daughters
It is you we come to
Blind our hearts
Shut our eyes
We will relish in our pain
Oh why! Why ! Why! The rooster is crowing at mid- day
Our spoils has become our plague.
Is there a story we have not heard?
Afar, there cries our mothers and children
We cannot take it anymore
Take us back..