Why Am I Doing Poetry Reviews?

Posted: November 14, 2013 in MUSINGS
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Hooded renegade

This is hard but I will get it over. Nobody can do poetry reviews. Period!

Poetry is not a concept to be put in a jar, given shape, defined. Poetry is a bird in flight, captured by a hunter, a poet, given a name and put back in flight. Reviewing poetry is an attempt to recapture that bird.

When I write poetry, I write in darkness. I put off the lights, because poetry is a presence that visits me. When I write, I don’t edit. I don’t see with my eyes what I write – I don’t need to. I feel what I am writing. Reviewing poetry is putting the light on.

When words burn on my finger-tips and smell on my breath, when I feel the cold of alphabets blow; in ordered, almost spiritual self-arrangement one after the other into my room, reviewing poetry is like blanketing myself from this cold.

Writing a poem has its aura. When it is here, I stop everything, I grab a pen, a sheet, my laptop, I write. Because it does not stay. It comes, like a baptism and in the short expanse of time that it dwells, that poem must be written. When it leaves, it is useless to add a single word to the poem it left me. Reviewing a poem after this is a denouncement of my baptism, a betrayal of faith.

Why do I do poetry reviews? Why do I try to catch the spirit that visited men many years gone, many thousand miles away, whispered secrets into their ears, and try to make it whisper those secrets in mine? Reviewing poetry is eavesdropping on the conversation of saints and angels; a desecration of the temple.

 Nobody should review poetry. There is no glory in trying to explain faith. There are no words fit to explain poetry that came to men in a trance. Trying to transcend this trance is calling the bluff of God.

Why am I doing poetry reviews? I cannot understand and I beg all your pardons, forgive me. Forgive me for ruining the eternal scriptures with my diluted heathenism.

I cannot comprehend what I am doing here and I plead your indulgences – when you say your prayers, mention my forgiveness.

If the government cared, they would have arrested me. Nobody should do poetry reviews.

  1. Wow, you are asking yourself a tough question. From the reviews I’ve read, I must say you are more than qualified to write poetry reviews. I latch on to your reviews as I become a drowning piece of drift wood that was once happily floating along on a crisp clean river bed. After reading one of your reviews it’s as though I’ve floated over a water falls and suddenly some lights come on and I see a piece of work in an entirely different light. Keep reviewing and I’ll keep reading.

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  2. Your reviews are beautiful, Dela and so in depth. Go on, I’m so much interested!


  3. dels dela says:

    nice piece by all standards


  4. wsgeorge says:

    Poetry should be reviewed if poets should dare to write.


  5. ginasmom says:

    “There is no glory in trying to explain faith” – I agree with you:), especially when you have to try and break it down piece by piece, attempt to get into the minds of the poets, tinker with the complete product…….but not everybody can see that glory or that faith, until it’s been explained a tiny bit, until some of the edges are drawn into the light for a little bit, before going back, the curtains drawn a tiny bit. This is what your reviews do, they give us a glimpse of what the poem is about, giving us a chance to glimpse the faith that is poetry, without diluting the original piece. Poetry has it’s own language, having somebody try and explain that (review), does allow a few more people to appreciate the beauty of those pieces. In other words, you’ve got to keep doing what you are doing!!

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