#BlogCamp13 and the slow turning mill of progress

Posted: March 23, 2013 in MUSINGS
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BlogcampToday, there was BlogCamp 2013(#BlogCamp13)  in Ghana. Ghana’s seasoned bloggerati engaged in those deep conversations that are a melting pot of ideas all the time. You ask about the theme? – Content is King! And so it was.

I missed it, yes, being so far away in Congo. But I followed the conversations no doubt. And now I feel like there is something really going on in Ghana that is changing the face of the country, probably forever.

People are occupying online space. The sheer numbers and quality of blogs that are springing up in Ghana are such that, there is a very present alternative to traditional media online now. Not even to say that some of the traditional newspapers are active with their online presence yet. For short, things are getting interesting online and slowly, the conversations are starting a prepared activist community already abuzz with interaction. We benefitted immensely from this in our elections last year.

There was the first social media awards also and a couple of very good blogs won awards.  Congratulations to these winners of Ghana Social Media Awards: @nas009 @GhTog @jabdulai @GanyobiNaa @Accradotalt @MutomboDaPoet,   @TechyAfrica, @Kodjo_Poetry and @ameyaw112 . Kudos. You can follow them on twitter and check their blogs out.

This is to hoping that the internet ushers us into unprecedented heights of local globalisation in Ghana and of Ghanaian content. You know what I mean.


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