Expectations for 2014

Posted: January 1, 2014 in ANNOUNCEMENTs
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Pic Cred: parnassusreview.com

Happy New Year to you all. This year, I have only one agendum for this blog and that is to read and review a poet from a different African country every next time. Hopefully by so doing, I will review much of Africa. I say this in the hope that I can find some very good translations of Lusophone, French and African Arabic poetry. It should be worth the journey.

In this regard, I will be pleased if anyone has read any African poem from especially North Africa and would recommend it. I have been seeking out a couple of people doing translations of Arabic poetry and hopefully, they will give their permissions for me to use their translations.

Final thing, I promised myself I should go on a hunt for African anthologies. I haven’t updated my stock of African poetry in a while and this year, I hope to address the error. Also, I have been playing with the idea to include Caribbean poets in my definition of African poetry. I will decide soon.

So ride with me through 2014 and let’s explore this vast, fierce, unconquerable spirit of Africa.

To the language of the African soul.

  1. Valerie says:

    I like this. It tells us what to expect, and I’m certain you’ll do great. I’m looking forward to reading all that poetry. It’s exciting to see an incredible writer exploring creativity in specifically in Africa, my home :). I’m humbled and very proud of you. Good job buddy!

    Caribbean poetry should be an interesting read too.


    • Dela says:

      Thanks Valerie. Africa is full of many many incredible poets and it’s a joy to be reviewing them here. And you are right about Caribbean poetry. It will be fun to see what goes on in those awesome, almost-African islands.


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